Nishiki-Buri – Premium Farm raised Yellowtail

The Nishiki Buri, raised at the Obama farm for 3 years and

is in perfect round shape is now ready for fish markets all over Japan such as the Tsukiji Fish Market!

Its quality is perfect this year as any other year!

The Nishiki Buri is very plump and does not have a fishy smell like any farm raised fish. You can taste the “Umami” in the fat and this Buri exceeds the O-toro of the Bluefin Tuna.
This Buri (farm raised Hamachi) even surpasses the famous wild HIMI-Buri which is recognized as one of the top brand of buri according to the auction buyers in Tsukiji Fish Market. This is the real deal!!
The fat contents scaled by the Fish Analyzer: Belly loin – 26.6% / Back loins – 21.0% (a very distinctive characteristic of this Nishiki Buri is that there is fat even on the back loin compared to any ordinary farmed Hamachi) As we approach the season for wild Buri such as the HIMI-Buri, there are many fresh Buri that come into the markets.
Despite this fact, the producers at the Obama Fish Farm are sending in their proud Buri into the markets at the same time.
The confidence of the producers comes from the quality of their Buri, and with confidence we can say that Nishiki Buri is the champion of all farm raised Hamachi in the world!!!

これは凄い! 小浜水産 錦ぶり(3年大ぶり)初出荷️ 今年も仕上がり抜群です!


脂肪率(フィシュアナライザー) 腹:26.6% 背:21.0% 背の数字が高い事が特徴です。