Toyosu Market in June


HAMO – Pike conger

  • Hamo - Pike conger

The season of pike conger is here, probably that’s a good idea to put it in your menu. The name “Hamo” came from the biting habit of this eel. (“Ha” meaning teeth) We also have option to have the bones processed and opened.

KOCHI – Flathead

  • MAGOCHI - Flathead

High quality ikijime flathead is available at Toyosu. If you want less costly flathead, we can prepare from box.

UNI WHITE JYO (Sato Brand)

  • Sushi Uni

Murasaki uni season has started. “Satou Ajino Yoshi” uni is available as well.
Although, Tokujyou(top-grade/prime) is very recommended.

MATSUKAWAGAREI – Barfin flounder

  • Matsukawagarei - Barfin Flounder

The male has yellow and female has white skin. Usually, female is large in size. If you want an easy use then male is preferred.

HIRAMASA – Yellowtail amberjack

  • HIRAMASA – Yellowtail Amberjack

Very good quality fish have arrived in Toyosu market from western Japan such as Nagasaki. We can prepare it ikijime and morning ikijime as well.

KANPACHI – Wild Amberjack

  • NERIGO - Young Amberjack

The size is mainly 2KG down, but they are fatty and great for sashimi/sushi! The amberjack from Kagoshima is especially delicious.

ISAKI – Lined Grunt

  • KAN ISAKI – Japanese grunt fish
  • KAN ISAKI – Japanese grunt fish

Delicious taste like red seabream. Compared to the winter season the flesh contains fat throughout the body from head to fin.

SAGOSHI – Young Japanese Spanish mackerel

  • SAGOSHI – Young Japanese Spanish mackerel

It’s one of “Washoku” representing fish. They have clean aftertaste with slight sweetness and can be used with various menus. We recommend lined fish, they are very fatty and delicious.

AODAI – Blue Fusilier

  • AODAI – Blue Fusilier

The fish has clear transparency flesh and is very beautiful for it to be used as sashimi or sushi. It is also good for sauté.

AINAME – Fat Greenling (Extra Fat)

  • MAKOGAREI - Marbled flounder

It has very fatty tasty flesh. We usually obtain ikijime but for low cost are obtain by boxes. They are delicious as well.

UNAGI – Eel (Wild)

  • UNAGI – Eel (Wild)

We will select and ship the ones that are firmly fatty.
In addition to standard “kabayaki” and “Shirayaki”, it is also delicious to “arai” style, so please try it.

AJI – Horse mackerel (Donchicchi Brand)

  • AJI – Horse mackerel (Donchicchi Brand)

The net caught a center of Aji from the Japan Sea is very fatty and is fresh. It’s a non-migration fish, fatty flesh is guaranteed.
Best selection for “shime-mono” style sashimi.

TOBIUO – Flying fish

  • TOBIUO – Flyingfish

They are known to fly more than 600 feet above water. The clean after tasting flesh is suitable for sushi and “Namerou”.

SHAKO – Mantis crab

  • Shako Mukimi - Mantis shrimp

It has a strong umami flavor and it’s perfect for sushi.
This time, we will send boiled items.
We have 16 pc and 25 pc packs. Please choose your preferred size when ordering.

MOZUKU – Sea Weed (Fat String-type)

  • MOZUKU - Sea Weed (Fat String-type)

The Mozuku seaweed is coming in now. We have both thin and thick Mozuku available.

KURO AWABI – Japanese Abalone

  • AWABI - Abalone

We have various kind of abalones. The wild black abalone, Australia, and farm as well. Please order for your needs.