Toyosu Market in July


KATSUO – Bonito

  • Katsuo - Bonito

The Kinme boats in Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture, will be replaced by Bonito boats on the 1st due to fishing regulations. Not waiting for the season to arrive, this year we have started to receive fine quality towline fish early. From now until around November, we will be serving excellent bonito with chewy fat, so please stay tuned for what will surely be the center of your menu!

TACHIUO – Beltfish

  • TACHIUO - Beltfish

We carry a wide variety of items, from fishing items from Tokyo Bay to air freight produced from distinctive regions. Summer beltfish are in good shape and will remain in good quality for several months after spawning, so please take advantage of this opportunity.
Our number one recommendation is grilled beltfish! This unbelievably fresh beltfish is exceptional.

SHINKO – Gizzard shad

  • SHINKO - Baby Gizzard shad

Maisaka from Shizuoka Prefecture will be the first to arrive, regularly followed by Tengusa
from Kumamoto Prefecture. July and August are the season for Shinko! The market price will start to calm down from the middle of July to the end of August, so please be sure to check the size of the fish and the arrival status. This is the true changing of seasons – why not get a taste of it this year? As they grow from 100g/PK to 200g/PK to 500g/PK the quality will continue to improve, so please feel free to inquire with our sales staff.

KEGANI – Horsehair crab

  • Kegani - Horse Hear Crab

This year, horsehair crabs are in good condition in the northern Sea of Japan, especially in Ishikawa Prefecture. We also have horsehair crabs of various sizes from Hokkaido, and we predict we’ll be able to provide horsehair crabs that are packed with meat. Our Hokuriku
horsehair crabs directly from the production areas are very strong!

HIRAMASA – Yellowtail amberjack

  • HIRAMASA – Yellowtail Amberjack

It’s high season for summer yellowtail! This year, we recommend the very macho
yellowtail from Kamigoto, Nagasaki Prefecture. We have the larger sizes with plenty of fat and the smaller sizes with the best quality meat, so you can be sure it’s a proper “blue” fish.

HAMO – Pike conger

  • Hamo - Pike conger

This year’s shipments have been steadily arriving since early summer, and because the
offspring are accumulating, they’re the perfect size! From Komatsushima, Tokushima
Prefecture to Awajishima, Hyogo Prefecture, we auction off the best pike congers of the day
and have them drained to preserve flavor and quality. We will continue to have a steady
supply of pike conger until the next matsutake mushroom season, so please consider Hamo, or pike conger for your menu for the next few months!

MAKOGAREI – Marbles sole

  • MAKOGAREI - Marbled flounder

The catch of Makogarei, or Marbled Sole from Tokyo Bay and Sanriku is successively arriving. Marbled Sole is famous in the Western and Kyushu areas, but of course, the Kanto area’s Marbled Sole is just as amazingly plump at this time of year. Once you’ve tasted
Marbled Sole as a Nigiri sushi, you won’t be able to stop yourself!

SUZUKI – Seabass

  • Suzuki - Japanese sea perch
  • SUZUKI – Japanese Seabass

We have extra plump sea bass from the open sea! At this time of year, we collaborate with a
wide range of production areas, including Tokushima Prefecture in the west, Shinoshima,
Aichi Prefecture in the central region, Ise, Mikawa Bay, and Shizuoka Suruga Bay to pick the highest quality products – please check out our selection. Our farm-fresh sea bass in the summer, which directly replaces the blackfin sea bass in the winter, is on another level.
外海の丸々太ったスズキを取り揃えて おります。西は徳島県産直、中部は愛知県篠島を筆頭に、伊勢、三河湾から静岡駿河湾まで、この時期幅広く産地と連携して都度良品を選別しておりますので、是非ご検討ください。冬場のヒラスズキからバトンタッチする夏場の弊社の産直スズキも胸を張っておすすめできる良品です!

TORIGAI – Cockle

Torigai is in season now! It is very popular as a sushi dish and one
can really enjoy its great texture.
It is said that Torigai (“Bird Shell”) got its name as the legs of the shellfish look similar to the
beak of a bird.
Please enjoy Torigai!

MADAKO – Octopus

  • Tako - Octopus

At this time of year when squid are scarce, the best choice is the common octopus. Good quality octopi are assertively arriving all the way from Hyogo Prefecture to Edomae in the
West, and from Sanriku. We recommend freezing the octopus at this time of year.
It also comes out very soft if you bend the octopus at the waist and boil it.
Please give it a try!