Toyosu Market in April


JI KINNMEDAI – Alfonsino

  • Kinmedai - Alfonsino

Now is the time when alfonsino are perfectly in season.
The fish are especially fatty in April, which is just before they begin to spawn, giving them a particularly strong sweetness. In addition to being perfect for sashimi and soup, it is a classic ingredient in simmered dishes, and is known for retaining its flavor even when heavily seasoned thanks to its high fat content.
If you miss out now, you may not be able to enjoy good quality alfonsino until autumn.
We hope you do not miss this opportunity.
産卵前の4月は特に脂が乗っており強い甘みを感じられます。刺身だけでなく汁物にも適してい て、定番の煮付けは濃い味付けでも脂が多い分煮染まらないのも特徴です。

SAWARA – Spanish mackerel

  • Sawara - Spanish mackerel
  • Sawara - Spanish mackerel

Spanish mackerel, a symbol of spring, are now in season.
With us having entered the pre-spawn season for this fish, Spanish mackerel are particularly delicious and fatty, and we highly recommend them.
特に産卵前のこの時期は身に脂がのっていてとても美味しくオススメで す。

KINKI – Kichiji rockfish

  • KINKI – Thornhead

Broadbanded thornyheads exhibit a deep red coloration that is a testament to its freshness.
The white flesh of the skin is fatty throughout, all the way to the skin, and we recommend eating it as sashimi, grilled with salt, and especially in a simmered dish.
深紅に輝いているほど鮮度が 良く、目にも鮮やかなキンキ。

SAWARA – Japanese Spanish mackerel

  • Sawara - Spanish mackerel

We have entered the season for the stupendously fatty Spanish mackerel.
Not only are they great as sashimi, this fish is perfect for a variety of different dishes such as the ever-popular saikyo-yaki and carpaccio.

MEJINA – Opaleye

  • MEJINA – Largescale blackfish

Opaleye are nearing the end of their season with the start of spring.
This fish is fattiest in the cold season, and are at their tastiest until April. We hope you will enjoy pre-spawn opaleye, a fish that is more plentiful during periods of poor weather.

MEDAI – Bluenose

  • MEDAI - Bluenose
  • MEDAI - Japanese butterfish

Bluenose are perfect as sashimi or in a hotpot up to the start of spring.
This large fish is caught in high yields, with white meat that features a very mild flavor, making it a great match for a variety of recipes.

TENNEN MADAI – Red seabream

  • Madai – Wild Red seabream
  • Madai - Japanese sea bream

Now is the season for red seabream. As these fish spawn during the spring, their nutrients are absorbed by the roe, making the roe particularly tasty.
サクラダイの時期となってきました。 春の産卵時は栄養が卵にいくため卵の味は非常に良いです。

TOBIUO – Flyingfish

  • TOBIUO – Flyingfish

Flying fish are in season from early spring to summer.
It is a perfect ingredient not only for sashimi, but also for “tataki” (sliced thin and seared) and “namero” (minced and spiced).

AORIIKA – Bigfin reef squid

  • AORI-IKA - Bigfin reef squid

Bigfin reef squid are known for exhibiting greater umami and sweetness the more it is chewed.
This species is especially rich in umami even among squids, and fresh bigfin reef squid flesh is quite firm and has a crisp texture.

TAIRAGAI – Pen shell

  • TAIRAGAI - Pen shell

Spring is the perfect season for shellfish.
Among the shellfish, pen shells are particularly recommended. When sliced into thin sashimi, they are quite sweet with a deliciously addictive and unique tartness. In addition to sashimi, this catch also makes for excellent tempura.
その中でも平貝がオススメです。うすく切った刺身は甘みがあり、独特の渋みはやみつきになるほどです。刺身だけでなく天ぷらも 絶品です。

SHIRAUO – Icefish

  • Shirauo - Icefish

Icefish are best eaten by April. Icefish are typically fished in spring and fall, and the fish is at its most delicious when the flesh is translucent, between February and April.
We also recommend the fish for its nutritional value.

COOKINCUT – Cutting board

Introducing “Cookin’ Cut,” Japan’s first synthetic rubber cutting board, which has been chosen by cooks for more than half a century since it was first released in 1965.
Cookin’ Cut was developed to achieve both “scratch resistance” and a “soft slicing sensation,” and exhibits the following three characteristics:
*See the Parker Asahi product catalog:

※パーカーアサヒ 製品カタログ参照